Dr Johannes J. (Hans) Duvekot

Dr Johannes J. (Hans) Duvekot is a consultant in obstetrics and perinatology at the Erasmus MC, University Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In his clinical career, which started in 1984, he dedicated himself to the study of maternal hemodynamics and related disturbances like preeclampsia. During his residency at the University Hospital of Maastricht, he wrote his thesis on early changes in maternal hemodynamics and volume homeostasis. He participated in the Magpie trial that formed a milestone in prevention of eclampsia. Since 2003 he is working at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, where he is involved in clinical studies on maternal hemodynamics, postpartum hemorrhage and preeclampsia and the long-term effects of this disease on women. He published over 180 scientific articles and over 15 book chapters.

Email: j.j.duvekot@erasmusmc.nl

Phone: +31 6 2239 1896