Dr Chahinda Ghossein-Doha

MD, PhD. Resident in Cardiology and Postdoc in women specific CV medicine

Chahinda Ghossein-Doha is a medical doctor with expience in both Obstetrics and Cardiology. She graduated from Maastricht University as a medical doctor in 2010, and obtained her PhD in “Cardiac Adaptation During and after Hypertensive Gestation” in 2015 for which she received the prestegious “Mosaic Fellowship” from NWO in the Netherlands. The past 5 years she has received twice the “Kootstra Tallent Fellowship” for tallented researchers (in 2010 as a PhD student and in 2016 as a postdoc) along with several other prices and funds. Besides her clinical residency in cardiology, she is currently actively involved in the multidisciplinary and translational research line in Maastricht universiy on women specific cardiovascular diseases combing knowledge from the field of obstetrics with knowledge of cardiology.